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Festival del Huevo Azul (Festival of the Blue Egg): the preservation of Chilean culinary heritage

As part of the revival of products originating from Chilean culture, the Festival del Huevo Azul is held annually in the town of Río Negro, in the Osorno district, and is an event that brings together visitors and the indigenous communities that seek to exhibit and protect this precious culinary heritage.


The Festival del Huevo Azul is part of a Chilean Government project which aims to preserve the genes of the Mapuche chicken, which stands out amongst almost all other specimens by laying blue eggs.

In 1995 the Chilean authorities established a commitment before the UN, which later became a law, protecting this species, which are endangered animals as they reproduce rarely.

The festival stands out because during the event the world's largest omelet is prepared with over 2,000 of these rare and exotic blue eggs. Prior to this an indigenous ceremony of praying and biodiversity protection is performed, accompanied by popular music.