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OneSeed Expeditions is excited to have you join us in creating a truly new kind of company.  We’re committed to transparency, collaboration, and local investment as we expand our mission to explore the world and invest in people.

We are only as strong as our team of guides and staff.  Your professionalism and shared commitment to our mission is what will make our company and mission successful.

Founding Story

OneSeed Expeditions was founded with a simple goal: use the power of adventure travel to support entrepreneurship in the communities where we work.  Launched in 2010, OneSeed has grown from a small idea into a team of 50+ local guides leading expeditions throughout the world.

For every expedition we organize, we invest 10% of our total gross revenue in the form of loans through our microfinance partners in Nepal, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Tanzania. Our team of guides connect you to the places we love. The OneSeed Microfinance Fund invests in creative entrepreneurs that support their communities.

 We’ve invested more than $160,000 USD in small-scale entrepreneurs through the OneSeed Microfinance Fund. Learn more:

  • We’ve launched or expanded 350+ businesses.
  • We’ve grown our team from 3 to more than 50 local guides working on 3 continents.
  •  We’ve disbursed loans averaging $420.76 USD across a range of small-scale business sectors:

– Agriculture – 43 loans

– Retail – 121 loans

– Food Services – 89 loans

– Livestock – 25 loans

– Other – 30 loans

We’ve extended more than 90% of our loans to women entrepreneurs in regions where limited collateral and financial exclusion limit women’s access to entrepreneurial opportunities.

We try to keep it pretty simple:  you take an amazing trip; a local entrepreneur launches or expands their small business.

We aim to change the way that travel impacts local communities.  We’ve all seen the negative side of tourism, but what happens when you take the power of travel and harness it to fund creative entrepreneurs?

Answering that question is what OneSeed is all about.

Mission – Explore the world. Invest in people.

OneSeed Expeditions believes that travel transforms.  We utilize the power of exploration to invest in individual entrepreneurs and their communities.

To this end, we commit ourselves to:


We hire experienced local guides from local communities.


We invest 10% of of total revenue in the form of microcredit to small-scale entrepreneurs.  We partner with local lodge owners, drivers, and other businesses to maximize local benefit from tourism.


We practice Leave No Trace principles on all our expeditions and we incentivize environmental best practices among our partners.


Our teams are locally hired and we travel with local customs and perspective in mind.O

Learn a bit about our first season in Nepal in this short documentary video:

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