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Pucon Curarrehue

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Natural Beauty without Borders

Araucaria woodlands and the imposing Lanín Volcano are the backdrop to the 187 km route that links San Martín de Los Andes (Argentina) with Pucón on the shores of Lake Villarrica and at the foot of the Villarrica Volcano. The route follows International Highway CH-119 over the Mamuil Malal Pass.

Apart from the scenery, you will fall in love with the town of Curarrehue, 40 km from the border. Its deep-rooted Pehuenche culture imbues everything here, from the local dishes to the people and their folk tales and even the architecture. This is the heartland of ethnic Araucarian food, and the perfect place to try soup made with piñones (Araucaria pine seeds), rosehip pastries or jams made with nalca and murta.

The town has one basic hotel and guides can be hired to take you on a hike in the surrounding mountains. Visit the popular Panqui Hot Springs nearby for a soak in the warm thermal pools and in the cool waters of the Panqui River, or go to the Recuerdo de Ancamil Hot Springs, which are set amidst lush vegetation.


Featured Destinations of Pucón, Villarrica and Temuco

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cPucón - Villarrica dTemuco
FCaptain Pastene


Tours you can do

Curacautín - Lonquimay

Huerquehue and Villarrica National Parks
Pucón Currarehue

Hot Spring Routes

Budi Lake
TriCultural Gastronomy


Getting There

en avion
By Air
From Santiago there are daily flights to Temuco's Maquehue Airport (1 h), which is about 7k from the city.
During the summer and winter ski season, there are daily flights from Santiago to Pucón. The airport is about 5km from the city center.
By Bus
Daily service is available from Santiago to Temuco (9 h).
Buses leave from:
• Terminal Alameda: Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 3570, Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. Telephone: (56-2) 7762424
• Terminal Santiago (ex Terminal Sur): Alameda and Nicasio Retamales, 150 m west of Terminal Alameda. Telephone: (56-2) 3761750

Most buses leave Santiago in the evening and travel overnight.
There is transport from Temuco to Pucón and Villarica and from Villarrica to Curarrehue.

en auto
By Car
Take Route 5 south from Santiago to Temuco (676 km). Temuco is 81 km from Villarrica and 107 km from Pucón. The road is in a good condition, and it normally takes 9 or 10 hours to reach these cities.
Curarrehue is located 40 km southeast of Pucón.
From Argentina at the Mamuil Malal Pass, it is 40 km to Curarrehue and 76 km to Pucón. Between the pass and Pucón you can enjoy the scenery of amazing volcanic landforms and Araucaria pine forests.




Mamuil Malal Pass  La Cocina de Elisa Caving at the Lanín Volcano
This border crossing near Pucón is open from the second week of October to the second week of March from 8 a.m.to 9 p.m. heading out, and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the return journey. During the rest of the year, it is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. heading out and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. heading back. The pass is sometimes closed due to bad weather, and snow chains must be used in the winter. When passing through Curarrehue, don't miss the Mapuche cooking of Elisa Cea at her restaurant La Cocina de Elisa. Located on the main square, it offers traditional local desserts and innovative dishes based on the piñon, the seed of the Araucaria pine. Several Chilean Presidents have eaten there in the twelve years that it has been open, sampling dishes like the Curarrehue, which is made from piñon flour, wild berries, and quinoa. Lanín offers a chance to explore the highest summit in the region at 3,776 meters as well as the caves that lie beneath. The entrance to these volcanic caves is on the shores of Lake Quillelhue, where a short belay will give you access to caverns over seven meters deep. You can be among the few who have entered this cave system. Guides and equipment can be hired at a local tour agency.


Cristo de Tromen     
Near the border crossing at Mamuil Malal Pass, you can see the figure of Cristo de Tromen. In 1950, a statue that shares the region's name was carved from wood by a Capuchin priest who was Vicar of Pucón and Bishop of Osorno and erected at the pass. The one that stands there now is a concrete cast of the original sculpture, which is now located under a protective roof at Antumalal.    



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