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Concepción and Chillan


Chillán and its environs are famous as the birthplaces of many outstanding Chileans, including Bernardo O'Higgins. ...


Located 500 km from Santiago on the northern bank of the Bíobío River, Concepción has something for everyone. ...

Ralco and Alto Biobío

Discover native flora and fauna on the forest and hillside trails of the Ralco and Alto Biobío National Reserves. ...

Termas de Chillán and Valle Las Trancas

Climb the Chillán Volcano and enjoy excellent skiing, snowboarding and heli-skiing runs. Spa and hot springs included. ...

Nahuelbuta National Park

There’s nothing better than spending a few days camping, trekking, climbing and spotting plants and animals. ...

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The Perfect Combination of Urban Life and Outdoor Adventure

For centuries, the Biobío River acted as a border for the Mapuche people as they fought off the Spanish conquistadores. Today, it marks the point at which you cross into Southern Chile and the country's central valleys give way to increasingly bucolic landscapes.

You should plan to stop in Chillán (404 km south of Santiago), the hometown of folksinger Violeta Parra and site of a nationally renowned marketplace. The nearby Nevados de Chillán ski resort has 28 pistes during the winter, nine cable ferries, hotels and spas with views of the snow-capped Cordillera and hot springs, one of the region's many highlights. During the summer, choose from activities such as horseback riding, trekking and climbing as you strike the perfect balance between sports and relaxation.

Coastal villages and coves like Dichato, Tomé, Coliumo and Cocholgüe are home to restaurants that serve up local fish and shellfish. Though many of them were badly damaged in the February 2010 earthquake, the restoration effort will be nearly complete by the time you read these lines.

Concepción, the region's capital, is located 500km from Santiago and features university campuses, a buzzing nightlife, historical buildings and all the comfort and sophistication of a modern city.

If you're interested in exploring the area's natural surroundings, the Ralco and Alto Bíobío National Reserves are great options.


Featured Destinations of Chillán and Concepción

aChillán bConcepción


Tours you can do

 Lota Ralco and Alto Bío Bío
Termas de Chillán and Valle Las Tralcas Nahuelbuta National Park


Getting There

en avion
By Plane
Daily flights depart Santiago to the Carriel de Concepción Airport (1 hour). Shuttles and taxis provide service to Concepción and Talcahuano.
By Bus
Several companies leave Santiago for Chillán (4 hours) and Concepción (6h 30 min) each day. Buses depart from:
• Alameda Terminal: Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 3570, Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. Phone: (56-2) 7762424
• Santiago Terminal (formerly Terminal Sur): Alameda and Nicasio Retamales, 150m east of the Alameda Terminal. Phone: (56-2) 3761750
Local buses provide service to other villages in the region.
You can also reach the area by bus from Puerto Montt, Valdivia, Temuco, Osorno and other cities.
en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 south to Chillan (404 km) and then Route 152 east to Concepción (500 km from Santiago).




Visiting the Huascar Perfect in the Spring Mapuche Museum
The star of Talcahuano's port is undoubtedly the Huascar, a Peruvian turret ship that was captured by the Chilean navy during the 19th century in the War of the Pacific. Chilean war hero Arturo Prat met his death on its decks. The relic is a now floating museum that offers visitors an opportunity to visit the deck, the captain's stateroom and the machine room. (The ship was temporarily shut down after being damaged in the February 2010 earthquake and tsunami. Please check www.huascar.cl for more information).
The best time to visit the region is spring (September to December), when it is no longer cold but there are still skiing opportunities. Temperatures reach 34° C in the shade during the summer months (January through March), especially in Chillán. Concepción and the coast have a cooler and windy climate and are pleasant during the summer.
The town of Cañete (120km south of Concepción) is home to a museum dedicated entirely to the Mapuche people, who now mostly live in Araucanía. This is the ideal place to learn about this community's history, ceramics, famous silver jewelry, traditions, cuisine and lifestyle.



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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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