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Puerto Octay

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Puerto Octay, A Charming Reflection of Southern Chile's German Heritage

Puerto Octay will surprise you with its architectural treasures and lakeside trails surrounded by lush vegetation, waterfalls and volcanoes.

Picturesque Puerto Octay is one of the best-kept secrets in the region and one of the most charming towns in the Lake Llanquihue District. Situated on the north shore of the lake, it was once a major lakeside port. Today, time seems to stand still in this peaceful town full of German colonial style buildings, many of which operate as inns. They are the legacy of the immigrants who founded the town in the early 19th century.

The town's first general store, Cristino Ochs, also dates from that time. In fact, local legend has it that the name Puerto Octay originated in the phrase "Donde Ochs Hay" (You can find it at Och's), referring to the shop's well-stocked shelves. The name was officially changed from Puerto Muñoz Gamero to Puerto Octay in 1859.

San Agustín Parish Church, the historic Casa Wulf Number 2 and Hotel Hasse are must-sees. So is the Casa Niklittschek, which is home to the Museo El Colono de Octay, where you can learn about local history. These well-preserved period buildings are the reason why Puerto Octay was declared a "historic area" of Chile.

When the sun sets, it's time for a stroll to the main square, where you can visit the chocolate shops and cheese stores and enjoy "German tea-time."


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Touristic Services


Tours you can do


Lake Crossing
Alerce Andino National Park

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park
Puerto Varas - Ensenada - Petrohué

Puerto Varas - Frutillar - Puerto Octay
Puerto Montt - Hornopirén - Futaleufú


Getting There

en avion
By Air
Flights depart Santiago daily to El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt (2 h). From the airport, take a shuttle or taxi to the city for bus connections to Puerto Varas and Puerto Octay.
By Bus
Buses depart daily from Santiago to Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas, where you can get a connecting bus to Puerto Octay. The trip takes 13 hours, so it is best to travel at night and arrive early in the morning.
Puerto Octay is 48 km from Puerto Varas on the north shore of Lake Llanquihue.
Buses depart from:
• Terminal Alameda: Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 3570, Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. Phone: (56-2) 7762424
• Terminal Santiago (formerly Terminal Sur): Alameda & Nicasio Retamales, 150 meters west of Terminal Alameda. Phone: (56-2) 3761750
en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 south to Puerto Varas (1008 km) and then to Puerto Octay (48 km).




Lakeside Beaches  A Hotel with History  Best in Summer 
Drive or rent a bike and head for La Baja Beach, Maitén or Península Centinela, where the road runs between two arms of the lake. These locations are ideal for picnics, water sports and camping. Nestled in a stately park with an unparalleled view, the Hotel Centinela is a local classic. The Prince of Wales stayed here when he visited the region in 1931. Guests can stay in the German-style wooden hotel or cabins just 5 km from Puerto Octay. If you want to enjoy the region's beaches, lakes and parks and take part in a wide array of adventure and water sports, come between December and March. Don't forget to bring a pair of sturdy walking shoes and a jacket for the rain, which can fall at any time here.



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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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