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Santiago and Surroundings


The city's first-rate dining and hotel offerings, bohemian neighborhoods and business districts make it a year- round destination. ...

Ski Resorts

You’ll find the region’s best ski resorts, which welcome sports fans every winter season, in the hills of the Andean mantle. ...

The Central Coast

The beaches of the Pacific Ocean lie just 120 km from Santiago. ...

The Roots of Chile’s Central Valley

Chile’s Central Valley offers visitors a chance to explore beautiful Andean foothills, traditional villages, and handicrafts. ...


Wine is a delight and Chile knows a thing or two about this particular source of pleasure. ...

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Big Cities, Great Wine

As soon as you land in Santiago, you will notice the city's heady mix of influences and attributes. This ancient valley nestled in the Andean foothills and around the Mapocho River was discovered by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia in 1541. It has since become a major South American city that offers first-class hotels and restaurants and access to the latest technology and services. The Chilean capital is no doubt the perfect starting point for any visitor.

Santiago offers much more than one might anticipate. Here, ancient traditions coexist with 21st century life on every street and in each neighborhood. You'll find everything from small cafés with Wifi, exclusive boutiques, great bookstores and fine handicrafts to big malls and long shopping strips that offer all of the top brands. This metropolis, which is home to over six million people, offers hundreds of options for every budget or interest and activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

As summer arrives, city dwellers' minds turn to the beach, and Valparaíso and Viña del Mar are just a little over an hour away by car. During the winter, many head to the ski resorts perched less than 40 km away in the Andes. And each spring brings Chilean Independence Day (September 18), which is the perfect time to enjoy harvest celebrations in the Central Valley with a nice glass of Chilean wine in hand.


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