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Zapallar and Maitencillo: Seaside Relaxation

If you're looking for quiet beaches with soft sands and big rocks, fishing holes and a good selection of restaurants and accommodations, head north along the coast of Viña del Mar for about 57 km to the small town of Maitencillo.

The most stunning summer homes in the area sit atop the small hills that run into the wide beaches. Surfers flock to El Abanico, Aguas Blancas and Playa Grande, enjoying the strong Pacific tides at dawn while paragliders make the most of the strong winds. The waterfront boasts several renowned restaurants and pubs that are very crowded in summer.

Maitencillo is located right next to the Zapallar Lagoon, which is home to several species of birds. It also serves as the border with Cachagua, a more exclusive resort town where larger, more modern homes have been built in the hills that overlook a 5 km beach. There you will also find Penguins Island, a 5-hectare bird and marine animal reservoir. The town also has a golf club, equestrian club, rodeo arena and seafood restaurants.

Zapallar is one of the region's most exclusive resorts and was once the land of Chief Catapilco. Most visitors head to the two main beaches, Chica and Larga. The small bay and hills that protect Zapallar from the wind create an extraordinary microclimate. It is also famous for its tall trees, stunning summer residences, gorgeous gardens and stone church. Take time out to walk the stone path that runs along the sea to Cachagua and Maitencillo.


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Tours you can do

Coastal Viña del Mar

Pablo Neruda's Beach House
Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción

La Sebastiana
La Campana National Park

Architectural Heritage in Viña del Mar
Plaza Sotomayor

The Architecture of Chile’s Main Port
Elevators and Viewpoints


Getting There

en auto
By Car
To Zapallar: From Santiago (165 km), go north on Route 5 and then take the Nogales-Puchuncaví Exit or the Catapilco-Laguna Exit to the east.

From Viña del Mar, take coastal road F30-E north (64 km).




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