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Architectural Heritage in Viña del Mar

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Architectural history in a modern city

Viña del Mar is a modern city, there's no doubt about that, and yet it hangs on to several sites that will show you an important architectural heritage, with castles and palaces amogst its highlights.

On Av.Marina lies Castillo Wulf, built in 1906 by a German merchant who gave its name to the building. Have a look at the castle's towers facing the Pacific; the venue is a Historical Monument and is mainly used as an exhibition center. With its Tudor style and Scottish airs, the Castillo Ross is located on the same avenue, close to the Flower Clock. It is the seat of the Arab Club and was built in 1912. Close by is Cerro Castillo, crowned by the Brunet mansion. Erected in 1923, it is owned by the Chilean police forces.

On the same hill lies the neo-medieval Presidential Palace (1929), also a Historical Monument and usually used by Chile's presidents. The Palacio Vergara (1910) is equally important; now home to the Fine Arts Museum, it is located in the Parque Quinta Vergara with beautiful, mature trees surrounding its white, Gothic architecture. There are two more palaces which you can visit: the Carrasco, currently one of the city's most prestigious cultural centers and La Rioja, which belongs to the municipality.

There is also the Valparaíso Sporting Club, which, with its late 19th century architecture, hosts popular horse races each summer as well as the Teatro Municipal (currently being repaired after the 2010 earthquake) and the Casino Municipal (1930).


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Architectural Heritage in Viña del Mar
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The Architecture of Chile’s Main Port
Elevators and Viewpoints




Castillo Wulff: Av. La Marina 37
Castillo Ross: Av. La Marina 50
Cerro Castillo: Calle Callao 398
Palacio Vergara, en Quinta Vergara: Errázuriz 596
Palacio Carrasco: Av. Libertad 250
Palacio La Rioja: Quillota 214
Valparaíso Sporting Club: Los Castaños 404
Teatro Municipal: Plaza Vergara s/n
Casino Municipal: Av. San Martín 199


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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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