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Santiago Vineyards

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Vineyards in the City

The beautiful valleys that traverse the country's central region are home to the majority of Chile's vineyards, some of which have ended up being incorporated into the city of Santiago. The city has been encroaching on their turf for a while now, but the Cousiño Macul, Santa Carolina, Concha y Toro, Tarapacá and Santa Rita wineries still manage to produce quality wines.

Cousiño Macul is found in the heart of the municipality of Peñalolén. During your visit, you can explore the most important parts of the winery, including the cellars where the wine is stored and the vineyards.

Santa Carolina has been completely enveloped by the city, so it is easy to visit its cellars and learn how its enologists produce and age the wine. Concha y Toro is one of the biggest wineries in Chile and Latin America and produces the iconic Casillero del Diablo brand, among others. Visitors to its Pirque location can tour the wine cellars, learn how the brand got its name (which means "The Devil's Cellar") and even do some shopping.

One of the country's most beautiful vineyards is Tarapacá, which is known for its old manor house and for making some of the country's best wines. Finally, the Santa Rita winery stands out thanks to its enormous manor home, which was built in the style of a Neapolitan villa. Other highlights include its well-preserved park, boutique hotel, restaurant, and collection of pre-Columbian art. Specialized tours are available.


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