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Privacy Policy


The entity responsible for this site – the National Tourism Service of Chile (henceforth “SERNATUR”), a legally constituted body in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Chile-, informs its users (referred to from this point on as the “User” or “Users”) of the Privacy Policy for its chile.travel Web portal (referred to from this point on as “SERNATUR Web products”) in accordance with the terms established in Supreme Decree No. 100 (published August 12, 2006)

SERNATUR reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to new legislative or jurisprudential developments and industry practices. SERNATUR will announce the changes with reasonable advance notice on this Website.

1.1 Acceptance of the Conditions of Use

For all legal effects, and by virtue of having accessed SERNATUR Web products, the User accepts and recognizes that he has checked and is in agreement with the Privacy Policy, as is appropriate by law. It will be the responsibility of the User to read and observe the Privacy Policy each time he or she uses the site.

1.2 Dispute Resolution

Any disputes and/or complaints resulting from the use of SERNATUR Web products entail the acceptance and observance of the laws of the Republic of Chile. Any problems and/or disputes resulting from the use of these products will be resolved by the appropriate court in Santiago, Chile.

1.3 Responsibility for the Information and Opinions Provided by the Portal

SERNATUR shall not be held responsible for the information and opinions provided by SERNATUR Web products when they are not produced exclusively by the entity. The information and opinions provided by other parties do not necessarily reflect the position of SERNATUR, including (but not limited to) its employees, directors, consultants and providers. As a result, SERNATUR shall not be held responsible for any of the information or opinions contained in its Web products in accordance with the conditions as outlined.



2.1 Correct Use of Content

The User must use the contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner. In general, he or she agrees to not use the contents in an unlawful way or to illegal ends. Among other obligations (the following are provided as reference and do not in any way limit the scope of the obligations), the User is prohibited from: (a) ignoring, evading or manipulating the “copyright” and attendant identifiers of the rights of SERNATUR Web products and its title holders incorporated into the contents as well as the protective technical mechanisms, digital prints or any other informational mechanisms that the contents may contain; (b) failing to respect the privacy, opinions, perspectives, ideologies, religions or ethnicities of other Users, as well as other personal aspects belonging to their personal, private spheres; (c) using the contents for commercial ends, including the promotion of any goods or services; (d) disseminating obscene, defamatory, hurtful or knowingly false information; (e) impeding, restricting or limiting the use of the contents for other Users; (f) using the SERNATUR Web products in a way that harmfully affects the legitimate rights of third parties or that might damage, overload or deteriorate the contents or impede their regular use for other Users.

2.2 Use and Reproduction of Contents

The use and/or reproduction of contents is permitted in accordance with the following rules: (a) the use and/or reproduction must be compatible with the informational, educational and recreational objectives of the SERNATUR Web products; (b) the information cannot be used towards commercial ends; (c) the contents of each of the products, including information, documents, tips, graphics and images, cannot be modified in any way, copied or distributed separate from their accompanying context, text, graphics or images. In summary, the Use of the Contents is permitted for strictly informative, academic, educational, research and personal ends, which in no case implies the use of same for monetary gain.

2.3 Access Keys and User Registration’s Use

The contents of SERNATUR Web products are freely available to Users, and do not require any prior subscription or registration on the part of the User. Without prejudice to the foregoing, access to certain Contents can only be obtained via User Registration as expressly indicated. By virtue of the foregoing, some of the Contents of the SERNATUR Web products will be provided to Users who have registered by completing the relevant form.

2.4 User Registration System

Any User who wishes to receive special information from SERNATUR, including mailers, maps and photographs as well as other new or updates products developed in response to User requests, must register using the Registration Form.

The User shall be responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided, as well as the updating of same. The User can eliminate his or her registered profile whenever he or she deems appropriate via a registration system database specially designed for these purposes in cases where a registration system is made available.



3.1 Use of Information Obtained from Users

The automated collection and treatment of personal information is meant to be used to maintain the contractual relationship established with SERNATUR; the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the services to which the User has chosen to subscribe; the use of the customization of said services in accordance with the preferences and tastes of the User; the design of new services related to said services; the delivery – via methods both traditional and electronic – of technical, operational and commercial information regarding products and services offered by SERNATUR Web products, both currently and in the future. On this subject, it should be pointed out that SERNATUR does not use an automatic cookie insertion system. The aim of the automated collection and treatment of the personal information also includes the delivery of survey forms, to which the User is under no obligation to respond.

3.2 Privacy of Personal Information

SERNATUR is committed to protecting its Users’ personal information. As such, it ensures the confidentiality of the same, and will not in any way make it available to others, except in those cases where the current legislation dictates it. The User’s usage of SERNATUR Web products can be stored with the objective of generating statistical information with respect to the usage of the sections, parts and overall body of the contents in order to determine specific and total numbers, by section, of visitors to SERNATUR Web products. The goal of said actions is to gain better knowledge of Users’ needs and interests and to provide them with better service.

The Users are free to determine whether they would like to provide the personal information that may be requested or obtained from Users who subscribe to or register for some of the services offered as part of SERNATUR Web products.

The Users shall recognize and have the ability the exercise the rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition and recognize that they have the right to be informed of the number of sessions conducted by contacting SERNATUR via the e-mail addresses provided for each of its Web products.

3.3 About Informational Security

SERNATUR has adopted the legally required levels of personal information protection security and has installed all of the technical mechanisms and means at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal information provided by its Users. This notwithstanding, the User must be aware that Internet safety measures are not infallible.



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