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Playas en Chile

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With 4,300 kilometers of coastline and a large number of islands, Chile has plenty to offer when it comes to beaches. The warmer climes of the northern regions are perfect for those who simply want to spread out their towel and enjoy the sun. Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Copiapó, La Serena and Coquimbo have warm-water beaches, dispelling the myth that only cold Pacific waters reach the Chilean coast.

One of the most beautiful examples is La Virgen Beach in Caldera, north of Copiapó, which features fine white sands, turquoise waters, gentle swells and dune fields. Cifuncho, in Antofagasta, is less touristy and offers deep blue, crystalline waters, white sands and, best of all, a number of excellent fish and seafood restaurants.

If you want to combine a beach trip with nature and wildlife, pay a visit to Las Tijeras on Damas Island off the coast of Coquimbo. The excellent visibility allows scuba divers to spot dolphins and penguins, and you can't beat the tranquility of its white sands.

The big cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar have lively beaches with bigger waves, like those found at Reñaca. There are also more peaceful options, such as Algarrobo, Concón and Zapallar. Some of the coves south of Santiago have become popular among surfers, including Navidad and Matanzas. Chile's surfing epicenter is Pichilemu.

Southern Chile is home to more rustic beaches, with enormous forests providing the backdrop. The waters are cold and wild, and the sand is darker. You'll find good examples of this on the outskirts of Valdivia and Chiloé and in Patagonia. There are also hundreds of lakeside beaches, such as those on Lake Villarrica (in Villarrica and Pucón). Along with the beaches at Lakes Ranco, Rupanco and Puyehue, they offer fun nautical outings and 100 percent natural relaxation.

But the star attraction remains Anakena Beach on Easter Island. It combines tranquil waters and perfect temperatures, complete with palm trees and view of the mysterious Moai statues.


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Isla Negra Algarrobo The Maule Coast
This resort town 80 km from Valparaiso deserves special mention. First, poet Pablo Neruda lived here and his house is now an entertaining museum. But Isla Negra also offers visitors a chance to enjoy its rocky beaches, unparalleled view of the Pacific, crafts fairs and fresh fish and seafood restaurants. Known as the "nautical capital" of Chile, Algarrobo's climate makes it ideal for practicing all kind of water sports, including surfing and sailing. The resort town is peaceful, with beautiful beach architecture and a vibrant nightlife during the summer months. The best-known beaches are El Canelo, Club de Yates, Mirasol and Tunquén. Though it was ravaged by the tsunami of February 2010, this route offers a mix of beaches and Chilean countryside. The best option is to explore it by car, visiting beautiful beaches like Buchupureo, with its big waves, quality restaurants and cabins; and Tregualemu, with its pine forests, rural manor homes, and perfectly relaxing beach.


Isla Mocha Check the Weather
Located across from Tirúa, south of Concepción, Isla Mocha is pure paradise, with a large beach covered in fine white sands. It's located right next to one of the oldest lighthouses in Chile, and offers wild natural surroundings, warm people and the sensation that comes with being on an island in the middle of the Pacific. No matter which outdoor activity you choose, it's always a good idea to check the weather forecast at www.meteochile.cl. The best time to visit the beaches and practice water sports is between December and March (summertime in Chile) so that you can take advantage of the warm weather and intensely sunny days.



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