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Paragliding and Aeronautic Sports

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Paragliding and Aeronautic Sports

Paragliding enthusiasts tend to flock to Iquique in northern Chile because of its cliff-laden coast, large dunes and wind currents, which make it possible to take off from the peak of Cerro Dragón and take in the unique shapes of the coastal mountains. One of the big advantages of this area is a stable climate that allows for year-round paragliding (with just a few exceptions).

In Santiago, the most popular option is to fly over the capital from Cerro La Pirámide in Parque Metropolitano, thanks to its quick and easy access to a variety of fly zones. Another nearby alternative is in the town of Batuco, just 35 km to the northwest. Its 300-meter peak has become a favorite spot for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

If you'd prefer to paraglide with a view of the sea, Algarrobo (about an hour from Santiago) offers classes in the Mirasol area. Maitencillo and Cachagua (170 and 183 km from Santiago, respectively) also feature the extensive beaches and strong winds needed to soar above and enjoy incredible views.

There are also a number of places to practice this sport in southern Chile, including Pucón, one of the country's top tourist destinations. You can reach heights of 700 meters while being pulled by a boat on Lake Villarrica and take in majestic views of the volcano of the same name.


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Solo or with a Guide Certified Classes Check the Weather
You’ll have to present a certificate vouching for your expertise in order to paraglide solo. Beginners can fly in the company of a supervising pilot. If you want to learn to fly like a pro, make sure that the company offering the classes is recognized by the Asociación Chilena de Vuelo Libre (Chilean Free Flight Association). Get the latest weather forecast at www.meteochile.cl. 


Age and Weight La Pirámide
Some agencies set the minimum age at two, and all minors must fly in the company of an adult. Passengers must weigh between 15 and 120 kilograms. For safety reasons, you can only fly here on weekends if you have both authorization and a radio, as many people come to this location to bike and enjoy other activities.



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