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Fishing in Chile

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You can enjoy fishing practically all over Chile. There is a wide selection of specialized lodges which range from very simple to luxury accommodations with multi-day "all-inclusive" packages. While there are a number of perfect spots for fly-fishing, spinning and trolling are also popular techniques. Just choose your favorite and pick a destination.

Patagonia is known around the world for its beauty and the quality of its fish. You'll find plenty of accessible lakes and rivers that offer excellent fishing in places like the Reloncaví Sound (near Puerto Montt), Lake Yelcho, Puyuhuapi and on the outskirts of Coyhaique in Northern Patagonia.

The area is also home to the famed Simpson and Baker Rivers and a number of fully-equipped fishing lodges. The Baker is the largest river in the country and has a number of pools and islands where fishers can set up. Some lodges offer hydroplane service that helps clients reach particularly trout-laden areas.

In southern Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park has more to offer than its gorgeous landscapes. It also boasts fishing hotbeds like the Serrano River, which is surrounded by forests and features an impressive view of the Paine Massif, and number of different species of salmon. Lake Toro and Laguna Escondida are also good for fishing.

Fishing enthusiasts also will find lots to do in Araucanía. Just a little over 150 km from Temuco, you'll find Lonquimay, a small community surrounded by strategic fly-fishing areas including the Lonquimay and Rahué Rivers and Gallagtué and Icalma Lagoons.

A little further south, near Valdivia, there's Folilco, an area that is known for its crystalline waters and healthy population of large trout. Other choice spots include the Buenos River, Lake Ranco and Lake Rupanco, as well as a number of small rivers near Puerto Varas and Lake Llanquihue.

At the southernmost tip of the continent, on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the Grande River is considered the best place in the world to fish for brown trout and attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe.


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Catch and Release Dates and Permits Exclusive Fishing
This type of fishing, which involves releasing the fish you've caught as a way of maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, is an established practice in Chile. You will need to get a recreational fishing license from the National Fishing Service. For more information, see www.sernapesca.cl. This organization also determines the maximum amount of fish you can catch per day and the seasonal dates for specific areas and species. The season generally runs from November to May. Interested in some really adventurous fishing? Visit the canals and fiords of Patagonia and visit exclusive fishing locations via helicopters and zodiac boats.


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