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Horseback Excursions

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Horseback Excursions

Some of the best horseback excursions in Chile can be found in the northern regions, where you can ride through the areas surrounding San Pedro de Atacama (such Valle de la Luna) or altiplano destinations like the Atacama Salt Flat. You can also make a four-day trip to Elqui Valley to enjoy its rivers, oasis and the towering peaks of the Andes.

Near Valparaíso, you’ll find La Campana National Park, which stands out thanks to its tall hills and varied fauna such as includes foxes, viscachas and large birds like eagles, hawk-eagles and condors. Two-day horseback tours depart Santiago.

You can also do a 13-day excursion that takes you across the Andes on horseback. This thrilling adventure for lovers of the outdoors begins at Cajón del Maipo (15 km from Santiago) and ends at Laguna del Diamante in Argentina.

One of the many attractions on Easter Island is the chance to tour nearly the entirety of the island by horse or ride up to a volcano crater.

If you find yourself in southern Chile, horseback excursions are available in Valdivia at the Huilo-Huilo Reserve. From Temuco (in the Araucanía), you can take a two-day tour that allows you to explore thousand-year-old araucaria forests with trees reaching heights of over 50 meters and peaks of more than 1,600 meters.

While Torres del Paine National Park is known around the world for its acclaimed trekking circuits, some of its trails just aren’t for everyone. You may prefer to travel on horseback or rent pack horses to carry your equipment.

In the summertime, almost all of the country’s ski centers offer horseback rides through the mountains and forests. These include Colorado and Valle Nevado near Santiago, and Termas de Chillán and Anitllanca in the country’s southern regions.


Featured Destinations

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KPuerto Varas and Puerto Montt LSouthern Patagonia
M   Northern Patagonia   




Experience A good option With local guides
The main advantage of this activity is the fact that you don’t have to know how to ride beforehand if you decide to go on a short trip. If the excursion lasts more than a day, it’s best to have some prior riding experience. In addition to providing an eco-friendly form of transportation, horseback travel can be a great option for those who have problems walking great distances, including children and seniors. It’s a good idea to combine horseback excursions with trekking circuits to avoid excessive fatigue. We recommend that you undertake horseback excursions accompanied by local guides.



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