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The Gateway of Antofagasta

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The Gateway of Antofagasta: The Perfect Snapshot

Situated 20 km north of Antofagasta, this natural monument is a unique white stone arch set amidst rugged bluffs that are wracked by intense waves. The stone walls are actually the summits of the coastal mountain range atop which the coastal road to the city of Iquique was built.

To reach the Gateway or "Portada" as it is known in Spanish, take the coastal road north towards Tocopilla. Signs will direct you to lookout points from where you can observe the sea and its monument. There are also stairways to the beach that will let you get a closer look, though you cannot cross over to the archway itself.

After your visit, get back on the road to Tocopilla, driving north, where you will come across some of the most peaceful swimming spots on this coast, such as the port of Mejillones, 78 km from Antofagasta. The beaches here have almost no waves, which makes them excellent for families. This is also a good place to practice water sports such as snorkeling, sport fishing and underwater hunting. If nature is your thing, you'll find seabird nesting sites and sea lion colonies nearby.

Hornitos, a seaside resort town with white sand beaches and small waves similar to those of Mejillones, is found slightly further north (36 km). You'll find everything you need to spend an enjoyable few days here, from beachside condos to rustic campsites.


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