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Tongoy, An Unforgettable Resort Town

Located 48 km from Coquimbo and 60 km from La Serena, the peninsula of Tongoy is home to two beaches that are popular summertime destinations. Socos and Grande de Tongoy are two and 14 kilometers in length, respectively, and are perfect for fishing and diving as well as Jeep and bicycle excursions.

The town is chock full of hotels, comfortable cabin complexes and camp sites, as well as apartment rentals. Like any good Chilean beach destination, it offers its fair share of "picadas," simple restaurants that serve up the best of the area's traditional cuisine, especially the fish and seafood for which Tongoy is famous.

The average annual temperature is 18ºC, and summer is the ideal time to enjoy its beaches. The winter can get a little cold, but there are few people, which is perfect if you're looking for a more solitary getaway.

When you're done with the beach, take a bicycle tour to the wetlands areas nearby.

With its calm, expansive beaches, quality accommodations and fine dining, Tongoy is the perfect place to focus on relaxation.


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Getting There

avionBy Plane

From Santiago, there are daily flights to the La Florida Aerodrome in La Serena (1 h).

busBy Bus

From Santiago, buses depart from:
- Terminal Los Héroes: Located on Tucapel Jiménez and Alameda, near the Los Héroes metro station. A number of bus lines offer trips to the northern part of the country. Telephone: (562) 420-0099
- Terminal San Borja (formerly Terminal Norte): Located at the intersection of San Borja and Alameda, near the Estación Central train station. Buses provide service to destinations to the north and within the Metropolitan Region. Telephone: (562) 776-0645
Buses provide service from the Coquimbo terminal to Tongoy throughout the day.

autoBy Car

From Santiago, take Route 5 north to Coquimbo (470 km) and La Serena (470 km). At km 415, take the exit for Tongoy.




Biking Fishing Educational Tourism
Routes run along the beaches to wetland areas where you can enjoy bird watching. You can practice a number of different fishing techniques depending on the beach you choose. You can fish for sole from the shore or board a boat and be choosier. You can also go diving. The "Tongoy Ecological Heritage Route" invites visitors to experience the natural wonders of Tongoy first-hand. The tour, which was organized by local entrepreneurs, features visits to the wetlands and the El Tangue Hacienda.


The Pachingo and El Tangue Haciendas Guanaqueros
These two haciendas offer the chance to learn about local agriculture and sample some quality cheeses. This resort town a few kilometers north of Tongoy also offers some very good beaches. Well worth a visit.




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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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