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Limarí Valley

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Limarí Valley: Exploring Vineyards and Orchards and Experiencing Local Indigenous

Located in northern Chile, Limarí Valley is recognized throughout the country for its wine production. The local climate gives its wines a very distinct personality. This is especially true of the whites, which present tropical fruit notes.

During the springtime, temperatures can go down to 12°C at night and rise to 25°C during the day, which is ideal for growing tropical fruit such as the papayas for which the region is famous. Table grapes are also grown here for export.

The zone's main river is the Limarí and its main city is of Ovalle, which is situated 85 km southeast of La Serena. It is called "the pearl of Limarí" for its fertile landscape, which features hillsides planted with vineyards and orchards.
You'll find a wide variety of tour agencies here offering packages that will let you visit the Limarí Museum for a close up view of its collection of over 700 pottery pieces from the Diaguita, Molle and Ánimas cultures, which left their most characteristic marks in the forms and decorative style of their implements.

You can also follow the Limarí Wine Route, which includes visits to local wineries and a beautiful cemetery with a miniature model of La Serena's churches adorned with paper flowers. You also may want to consider visiting an old hacienda furnished in period style or even an ostrich farm. Be sure to try some of the zone's delicious empanadas and spicy merkén-flavored goat cheese.

As you head west, you will reach the Termas de Socos Hot Springs, Fray Jorge National Park and Valle del Encanto National Monument, which showcases ancient pictographs and petroglyphs made by the Diaguita and Molle. Fans of adventure tourism won't want to miss Talinay National Park or La Paloma Reservoir, where strong winds provide the ideal conditions for windsurfing.

The Limarí is one of the few valleys that are full of hidden treasures. If exploring is what you like, you are in the right place.


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Getting There

en avion
By Plane
Daily flights are available from Santiago to La Florida Airfield in La Serena (1hr).
By Bus
Buses depart Santiago from:
• Los Héroes Terminal: Located at the intersection of Tucapel Jiménez and Alameda, close to the Los Héroes Metro Station. Many companies offer service to northern Chile. Telephone: (56-2) 420 0099
• San Borja Terminal (formerly Terminal Norte): Located at the corner of San Borja and Alameda, close to Estación Central. Buses leaving this terminal service northern destinations as well as those within the Metropolitan Region. Telephone: (56-2) 776 0645
Buses depart Coquimbo and La Serena for Ovalle, Monte Patria and other towns in the Limarí Valley.
en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 north to Route 43 east (403 km).



Termas de Socos Make Reservations White Wines
This hot spring resort is located 38 km southeast of Ovalle. Its pools, which are naturally heated to up to 28°C, are open all year round. Socos mineral water is also packaged and sold on its own or mixed with fruit juice. The apple variety is particularly popular. Some wineries offer all-inclusive tours, but you'll have to book them in advance by calling the winery directly or visiting the Website, which will most likely provide a map as well. Don't miss the chance to sample the white wine produced in the valley, especially the Chardonnays.


Monte Patria All Wheel Drive
This village 27 km south east of Ovalle is surrounded by fruit plantations and petroglyph sites. If you plan on exploring the area by car, we strongly recommend driving a full traction vehicle. Many roads are gravel or dirt and their condition varies.



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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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