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Los Flamencos National Reserve

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Everything the Desert Has to Offer

The best way your visit is to divide the reserve into seven sectors according to their unique characteristics. This "map" helps simplify the task of planning of your route and can serve as a guide to this magnificent nature preserve.

In sector one, between the Jama and Sico passes (which lead to Argentina), you'll find the Tara and Aguas Calientes salt flats. A little farther south, there's the Pujsa salt flat, which is part of sector two.

Sector three is home to the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons, which are perched 4,000 meters over the town of Socaire. The Atacama Salt Flat in sector four receives the most visitors. The southern half is part of sector five, which also includes the village of Peine.

You'll find Valle de la Luna and neighboring attractions like Valle de la Muerte, Cordillera de la Sal and the village/archeological site of Tulor in sector six. Finally, sector seven (also known as "tambillo") is home to the town of San Pedro de Atacama.


Featured Destinations of San Pedro de Atacama

A  Valle de la Muerte and Valle de la
B  Los Flamencos National Reserve

C  Toconao D  Chiu Chiu
E  Atacama Salt Flat F  El Tatio
G  Ollagüe




Proper Vehicles Admission Go for a Swim or Soak
You'll need a 4x4 vehicle here because most of the roads are not paved and conditions can change with the weather. Some of the reserve's sectors are managed by the Atacama community, and admission is charged in order to help finance preservation efforts. The reserve is home to numerous hot springs and lagoons, but not all of them have rest rooms, so it's good to be prepared. Wear your bathing suit under your clothes if you would rather not change in the open. Don't forget to pack fresh water to get the salt off your skin and warm clothing to keep you from getting a chill when you get out of the water.



The sun can be dangerously strong here, particularly during the summer months. Don't forget to use sunscreen and wear a long-sleeve shirt, hat and sunglasses.


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