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Easter Island

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa is the urban center of Rapa Nui, as Easter Island is called by the people who live there. ...


Anakena Beach dazzles with its warm, placid, turquoise waters, white coral sands, palm trees and Moai statues. ...

Ranu Raraku

Over 300 Moai statues of varying sizes and states of completion can be found on its slopes. ...


The ceremonial village of Orongo offers one of the most beautiful views of Easter Island. ...

Moai Statues

The most representative icons of Easter Island, embodying its characteristic blend of history and mythology. ...

The Caves

Researchers have recorded close to 800 underground systems and mapped out more than 7,000 meters of caverns. ...

https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/978879hanga_roa_isla_de_pascua_chile_2.jpg https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/106698anakena_chile_1.jpg https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/484495rano_raraku_isla_de_pascua_chile_3.jpg https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/857605orongo_isla_de_pascua_chile.jpg https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/123047Ahu_Akivivi_isla_de_pascua_chile.jpg https://chile.travel/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/876753caverna_de_las_dos_ventanas_chile.jpg
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Easter Island – "The Center of the World"

Tepito Ote Henua ("The Center of the World"), as the people who lived there once called it, is the most remote inhabited island on the planet. No other landmass is as isolated, which gives it an aura of mystery.

Easter Island is a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it offers something for everyone: pink sand beaches like Ovahe, the heavenly charms of Anakena, volcanoes and grasslands to explore on foot or on horseback, marine life you can discover on diving trips, silent caverns and the Moai statues that bore witness to the rise and fall of a complex and stratified society.

It's estimated that the first inhabitants of Easter Island came from the Marquesas Islands in the 6th century and had no contact with the outside world for more than a thousand years. On Easter Sunday, 1722, this place became known to the Western world thanks to Dutch sailor Jakob Roggeveen, who described the Rapa Nui people as "a subtle culture of beautiful women and kind men."

The island was home to a complex culture that fell into disarray due to food shortages and the tribal warfare that ensued. But its spirit lives on in its people, language, clothing, music, dance, crafts and food. Every February, the people celebrate a return to their roots with Tapati, two weeks of festivities based on ancestral traditions such as body painting, awe-inspiring competitions, song, dance and the selection of their queen.

The island has plenty to offer the rest of the year as well. Its climate is always warm, its tourism and service infrastructure is continually improving, and the tranquility and beauty of its landscapes coupled with the charm of its people will make you want to return.

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Featured Destinations

aHanga Roa bAnakena
cRanu Raraku dOrongo


Tours you can do

The Caves
Moai Statues


Getting There

en avion
By Plane
There are seven weekly flights from Santiago to Matavari Airport in Hanga Roa (5 h 25 min). There are currently no other flights to the island from anywhere else in the world.

Activities that we recommend




Admission Be Careful with the Ahus (altars) and Moai Statues A Classic Dish
All visitors are required to pay a fee upon arriving at the island, which is a National Park. The price is US$20 for Chileans, US$60 for foreign nationals and US$10 for children. The fee can be paid in the area of Orongo or in Rano Raraku.  Visitors are not permitted to get up on the stone platforms or touch the Moai. Tuna is offered in a variety of forms. You'll find it grilled, in empanadas, in ceviche, and as a savory churrasco-style sandwich sold at small carts by the cove.


Dance Insider's Tip  Full Moon
Some restaurants offer a chance to enjoy traditional Rapa Nui song and dance. Be prepared to be asked to get up from your seat and show off your Polynesian dance skills. You'll find the island's best sunset at Tahai. Nights with a full moon are best enjoyed from the Rano Kau Volcano.



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