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Conguillío National Park

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Transport Yourself to a Prehistoric Land

Can you imagine a brachiosaurus eating from an enormous Araucaria tree with the Llaima Volcano in the background? Well, a few years ago, Discovery Channel broadcast the series "Walking with Dinosaurs" and Conguillío National Park was one of the locations chosen for filming.

Come discover for yourself the thousand-year-old Araucaria trees, lava flows and scenery that has changed little since those ancient giants walked the earth.

Covering 60,000 hectares, the park has the perfect blend of solitude, awesome scenery and ideal terrain for outdoor pursuits such as biking, trekking and kayaking. If you're thinking about taking a hike, the park has 12 trails for varying skill levels. If you're in good physical shape, don't miss the 6 hour hike to Sierra Nevada, a route that takes you by three lookout points where you will be rewarded with an unforgettable view.

A gentler route is the "Carpenter's Trail," which starts at the Information Center and ends at Captrén Lake, where you might catch a glimpse of the carpintero, a relative of "Woody Woodpecker." This bird is native to Chile and while it is larger than other woodpeckers, it shares the red crest, tree pecking habits and laughing call with the famous Disney character.

A highlight of any visit is the "Mother Araucaria," the oldest tree in the park. It is located 1.8 km down the trail and is a truly awe-inspiring 1,800 years old.


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Getting There

By Bus
There is no direct public transport to the park, but buses run from Temuco to Melipeuco, where you can hire private transportation.
en auto
By Car
Conguillío National Park is located 120 km east of Temuco. The main route leaves from this city and passes through Cunco before reaching Melipeuco, where you will start to see the signs that will lead you to the park entrance. If you're coming from Santiago, take Route 5 south to Victoria.




For Campers  The Perfect Sunrise  Mountain Bikers 
If you have an adventurous spirit and you'd prefer camping to staying in one of the neighboring towns, the park has several well-equipped campsites: La Caseta, El Estero, Los Ñirres, Los Carpinteros and El Hoyón. The perfect place to watch the sun rise is near the second lookout point on the Sierra Nevada Trail. Leave before 6:00 a.m. to make sure you reach the lookout when the volcano is bathed in the pink and yellow light of the rising sun. Trails free of debris are best for mountain biking. The park's trails are covered with compacted gravel, which makes riding easier.


Valley of the Moon Climate   
Llaima Volcano is the most active volcano in South America, and its constant eruptions and lava flows have formed much of the park's current landscape. One of the most recognizable features is the Valley of the Moon, which looks like it could have been taken from a science fiction novel. Summers are very hot here, with temperatures above 30°C that are ideal for enjoying Conguillío Lake. During the winter, there can be several meters of snow and the lakes freeze over. Check the National Park Service (CONAF) Website to see which roads are open (www.conaf.cl).  



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