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Huerquehue and Villarrica National Park

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Live the Magic of Volcanoes and Exuberant Natural Wonders

Villarrica Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in South America. If you want to see it for yourself, you'll have to climb three to four hours to its 2,847-meter peak. Though you needn't be an experienced hiker, you should be in good shape. For those who prefer lighter trekking, Villarrica National Park offers a number of paths that wind through extensive araucaria forests as well as camping areas for those who wish to extend the journey a bit more.

Huerquehue National Park, just 35 kilometers from Pucón on the road to Caburgua, allows you to continue to explore this unique area. The "Los Lagos" trail will take you past lagoons like Lago Verde, which takes its name from the deep emerald color of its waters. Keep an eye out for the endangered species that inhabit the park such as the güiña (also known as the kodkod) and the peregrine falcon. If you're lucky, you'll come across a monito del monte ("mountain monkey"), one of only three species of marsupials in Chile.


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Tours you can do

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Huerquehue and Villarrica National Parks
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Getting There

en avion
By Air
Daily flights depart Santiago for Maquehue Airport in Temuco (1 hour). The airport is approximately seven kilometers from the city.

Direct flights from Santiago to the Pucón Airport (located five kilometers from downtown Pucón) are available during the summer months and ski season.

Private transportation to the national parks is available from Temuco and Pucón.

By Bus
Buses depart Santiago for Temuco (9 hours) from the following terminals:
- Terminal Alameda: Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 3570, Universidad de Santiago Metro Station. Telephone: (562) 776-2424
- Terminal Santiago (formerly Terminal Sur): Alameda and Nicasio Retamales, 150 meters west of Terminal Alameda. Telephone: (562) 376-1750

Transportation from Temuco to Pucón and Villarrica is available each day. Once in Pucón, intercity buses can take you to your chosen destination. You can also find tourism packages that include transportation.

en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 south to Temuco (676 km). It is 81 kilometers from Temuco to Villarrica and 107 kilometers from Temuco to Pucón. The route will vary depending on the park you've chosen to visit, but you will generally travel a large stretch of paved road and a smaller stretch of gravel.




Plan Ahead Dress Appropriately Excursions to the Villarrica Volcano 
Make sure you arrive early so that you can enjoy your excursion during daylight and get the most out of these natural parks. Remember to inform the park rangers of your visit. If you don't, search parties will be sent out. Bring comfortable, all-terrain footwear, thermal socks and a waterproof jacket. During the summer season, dress in layers, as the temperatures can vary significantly over the course of the day. Its impressive altitude (2,847 meters) and the view of the region's seven lakes from its peak are excellent reasons to embark on this adventure. However, this excursion should only be undertaken with an expert guide. The volcano can be climbed year round, and during the winter you can ski back down.


Remember that these national parks are protected areas   Bird Watching  
Both Villarrica and Huerquehue National Parks are home to vulnerable or endangered flora and fauna, including the araucaria forests, native felines known as güiñas, peregrine falcons, condors and black-necked swans. Stick to the marked camping areas, do not start campfires in unauthorized areas and refrain from littering. This is one of the area's true natural gifts. Thanks to the native vegetation and the protected environment, both national parks are excellent venues for bird-watchers. Marvel at the noisy choroyes (slender-beaked parakeets) and the majestic condors, not to mention the peuquitos (Chilean hawks), torcazas (Chilean pigeons) and black woodpeckers.  



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