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Picture Perfect Slopes

If you want to take in the scenic beauty of the Andes in Araucanía, one of the most impressive places is the Sollipulli Volcano. Located near Melipeuco and Curarrehue, this volcanic mountain chain witnessed its last eruption 1,240 years ago. Since then, a giant glacier formed in the crater, which is 6km across and 600 meters deep. Don't miss the chance to climb the volcano, hike across its crater, and camp on the glacier itself.

Your trek to the summit will be accompanied by the song of the chucao bird and the pecking of woodpeckers. The slopes are dressed in the leafy foliage of rauli, lenga and Antarctic beech, among other native species. Foxes, pumas, and even condors make their homes here, and if you tread quietly you may catch a glimpse of the shy pudú, a small deer that never grows to more than three feet in length and hides in the thick foliage.

More seasoned adventurers can visit the volcano in winter time, scaling the slopes on cross-country skis or snowmobiles in the perfect seclusion of the snowy landscape. Snow drifts can grow to be several meters deep, and trees are often covered with so much snow and ice that you can barely catch a glimpse of green.


Featured Destinations of Pucón, Villarrica and Temuco

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Tours you can do

Curacautín - Lonquimay

Huerquehue and Villarrica National Parks
Pucón Currarehue

Hot Spring Routes

Budi Lake
TriCultural Gastronomy


Getting There

By Bus
Buses provide service from Melipeuco to Alpehue four times a day.
en auto
By Car
From Temuco, take the Melipeuco Highway southeast 93 km along mostly paved roads. You will reach a local settlement about 13km down the road to Alpehue. From there on, a four wheel drive vehicle is a must.




Don't Lose Your Way Hikes Staying in Sollipulli
It is easy to lose your bearings when the weather turns bad on the slopes of the volcano. Use a map and compass to keep you on track. It can take 6 to 8 hours to reach the summit depending on whether you make the approach on foot or in a 4x4. The return hike across the glacier takes another two hours. Sunglasses are a must to prevent snow blindness. If you are interested in combining the creature comforts with adventure tourism, stay in an eco-dome on the Carilafquén Creek near Carilafquén Lake. The domes offer all the comforts of a hotel in awe-inspiring surroundings.


Geysers Canyoning
A two or three hour hike along the Alpehue River will bring you to the Sollipulli Geysers, 12 hot springs with water jets that shoot up to one meter in the air. While you're there, enjoy a soak in the warm pools. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the trails around the volcano: on motorbike, mountain bike, or on foot. Adrenaline junkies can see if they're up to canyoning, which involves making your descent through the ravines in a canoe.  



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