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Explore an Undersea Mine

The southern coast of Concepción used to be known as La Costa del Carbón ("The Coal Coast"), and until 1997, Lota was the epicenter of local mining activity. Located 43 km from Gran Concepción on the Pacific Coast, it's one of the area's most interesting destinations.

The main attraction is the Chiflón del Diablo mine, where the former coal miners offer tours 50 meters below the ocean's surface. The house where the administrators used to live is now the Lota Historical Museum, which offers visitors a chance to learn about the area's glorious past.

Your next stop is Parque Cousiño, which includes lovely gardens, statues and ponds built by the owners of the Lota mines. Tours guides dressed in traditional clothing tell the history of the Cousiño family.

If you had towards the main street, you'll find the San Matías Apóstol Church (1923), which is known for its Gothic style and beautiful stone façade. This is the resting place of Lota founder Matías Cousiño, who sponsored the construction of the church and was the driving force behind the mines. Just across the way is the old theater, which was meant to be a cultural space for the miners and their families.

Once you've explored the downtown area, you can stroll along the broad beaches of Lota and sample delicious fish and seafood at small restaurants while enjoying views of colorful boats.


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Tours you can do

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Getting There

By Bus
Buses to the Lota-Coronel area depart from the corner of Calle Tucapel and Avenida Los Carrera in Concepción. If you want to explore the city, get off outside the church. To visit the mine, continue downhill and follow the signs or take a taxi.
en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 south to Concepción. From there, it's another 37 km to Lota.




Recommended Reading  
If you're interested in reading about Lota's coal industry, read Subterra by local author Baldomero Lillo. Published in 1904, it is based on the lives of area miners. The book was made into a movie of the same name which was directed by Chilean filmmaker Marcelo Ferrari.  



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