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Coyhaique is full of picture-perfect sights and warm hospitality

The capital of the Aysén Region is a true microcosm. It has its own customs, landscapes, architecture and community, all of which seem to be taken from a postcard.

The most important landmark in this city of about 42,000 is Cerro McKay. Enormous and majestic, it serves as a reference for directions and as a way of orienting yourself and is a sight to behold. It seems to hang over and protect the city, and its enormous rocky walls are perfect for climbing or trekking. Don't miss a chance to enjoy the impressive view of the city, the snow-capped mountains and the Simpson River from its peak.

The Simpson River is renowned for its fantastic fly-fishing, and there are plenty of lodges located just outside town. Don't forget to visit the costanera (riverside path), where you can enjoy a terrific view of the river and the hill. This is the most beautiful vista in the area.

You'll marvel at the close proximity of diverse ecosystems. For example, if you go from Coyhaique to the coast on the road to Puerto Aysén and Puerto Chacabuco, you'll reach an evergreen forest after only 20 km. And if you head east from Coyhaique towards the area known as Coyhaique Alto, you'll come across extensive steppes inhabited by the majestic condor.

The city's residents, who face the cold winters with warm hearts, carefully maintain Coyhaique's identity. This is reflected in the craft fair held at Plaza de Armas, the city's main square, which features products made from local leather, stone and wool. The latter has a special place in Patagonian culture, thanks to its enormous sheep ranches.


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San Rafael Lagoon

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Getting There

en avion
By Plane
There are daily flights to Balmaceda Airport, which is about 55 km from the city, from Santiago and Puerto Montt. Transportation to Coyhaique is available from there.
By Bus
There is bus service to Coyhaique from Osorno and Castro (on Chiloé's Isla Grande).
en auto
By Car
You can reach the city from Argentina, or via the Carretera Austral, which involves making some crossings aboard ferries.
Car Rental
If you want to rent a car to explore the Carretera Austral, you'll need to make reservations in advance. Cars can be in short supply given the amount of visitors. Make sure you get a 4x4.



Enjoy the Silence Fly-Fishing Home of the Condor
Get away from the outside world and take pleasant walks along beautiful trails located just minutes from the city at Coyhaique National Reserve. Coyhaique offers a terrific selection of fly-fishing gear, so be sure to shop the local stores before you head out to fish. The enormous mountain walls of Coyhaique Alto are one of the condor's favorite spots. Just before dawn, you can see them spreading their enormous wings in anticipation of the first currents of warm air before soaring. Located just under an hour from the city.


Skiing at El Fraile
The El Fraile Ski Center (29 km from the city) has five powder runs surrounded by lenga and ñirre forests and equipment rental. Open from June to September.


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