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Pumalín - Futaleufú

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Nature, Rafting, Canyoning and Kayaking in Southern Chile's Lush Forests

Futaleufú, which means "big river" in the Mapuche language, is a true paradise for adventure sports. The Futaleufú River that flows through the Andes is considered one of the top three in the world for kayaking and rafting. Are you daring enough for the challenge?

If you're looking for something more relaxing, visit Futaleufú National Reserve, which protects two of the region's most important species, the Andean cypress and the huemul, a type of deer that is Chile's national animal.

You can also visit Pumalín Park, which may be the world's largest private nature reserve. Its over 300,000 hectares are managed just like a national park, with strict conservation rules. Pumalín was recently closed for two years due to the eruption of the nearby Chaitén Volcano, but its gates are now open to those who wish to hike among its spectacular Fitzroya trees, locally known as alerces. The alerce can live for up to four thousand years and has earned the name "the sequoia of the Andes" due to its resemblance to the redwoods found in the western U.S. The park has hiking trails for all levels of difficulty and is also a great place to go bird watching, kayaking and fly fishing. Take time for a soak in the hot springs, too.


Featured Destinations in Northern Patagonia

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Tours you can do

San Rafael Lagoon
Palena - Queulat
Pumalín - Futaleufú Cerro Castillo National Reserve
Villa O'Higgins - Tortel General Carrera Lake and Baker River
Exploradores Glacier


Cómo llegar

By Car
You can reach Futaleufú on the Carretera Austral, though you will have to take a few ferries. From Argentina, cross at Esquel-Trevelín.
From the south, you can reach Pumalín Park from Caleta Gonzalo. From the north, take the ferry from Hornopirén.
By Boat
You can get to the Pumalín Park during January and February by ferry from Hornopirén to Caleta Gonzalo.




Futaleufú Border Crossing Lake Trips Hot Springs
Due to the rugged terrain around Puerto Montt and Chaitén, you'll have to take ferries if you want to follow the Carretera Austral. Many travelers prefer to drive through Argentina, entering Chile at Futaleufú to continue their journey southwards. Try fishing on the placid waters of Lake Espolón (8 km from Futalelfú on the highway to Chaitén). The area has campsites, but if you prefer to make a daytrip out of it, rowboats and motorboats can be hired on the lakeshore. The Pumalín Hot Springs are located in the town of Pumalín on the Cahuelmó Fjord. You can get there on an organized tour or take the boat service from Hornopirén.


Canyoning on the Futaleufú  The Great Outdoors
Canyoning has become a popular sport in the region. It involves traveling up or down a ravine, negotiating obstacles such as rocks, waterfalls and deep pools. Top spots for this activity include Gálvez, Los Molinos and El Palenque Canyons. Be sure to pack waterproof footwear, a flashlight and a raincoat. If you're planning on camping, bring waterproof gear and an extra groundsheet to protect your tent.



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