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Exploradores Glacier

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Dare to Conquer the Ice

The spectacular route to our destination stretches from the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo on the western shore of Lake General Carrera to the entrance to the viewpoint of the Exploradores Glacier about 52 km east of there (2 and a half hours travel time). A 30-minute uphill walk through the woods offers incredible views of the glacier and Mount San Valentín, Patagonia's highest peak (4058 m).

Up for even more adventure? Trek on the glacier. You'll reach clean ice after a long walk on the mud and rocks that tend to accumulate at the beginning of the trail, which is when it is time to put on your boots and crampons. The beginning is steep, so walk with your legs slightly spread and take firm steps to dig the crampons into the slippery ground. The surface is full of bumps, cracks, small streams and huge holes, some of which go all the way to the bottom of the glacier.

The truly hardy will opt to spend some time camping and climbing on the glacier. This longer tour option is no doubt one of the most memorable adventures Patagonia has to offer.


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Trust the Experts  What to Bring  Shoes 
It is essential that you book your tour with a specialized company that offers the services of a guide and provides safety equipment. Your personal kit must include boots, waterproof and thermal clothing, a hat, gloves, sunglasses and sunscreen. Walking on ice requires a good pair of completely waterproof boots with stiff soles and shanks. Sneakers are not a good choice.


Under Construction    
Though there are plans for a road that will grant access to Exploradores Bay and the San Rafael Lagoon, at present you can only travel a few kilometers beyond the valley before it cuts off at the entrance to a thick forest.    



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