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The Jewel of Southern Chile

Vicente Pérez Rosales, the founder of Frutillar, called it "the southern jewel of the Republic," and there's no doubt that this charming lakeside city is one of the most beautiful in all of Chile.

Frutillar is full of picture-perfect scenery, from the shores of Lake Llanquihue and the surrounding forests and pastures to the views of the peaks of the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador Volcanoes. An early morning stroll will let you experience the city before the everyday hustle and bustle begins.

The best thing to do in Frutillar is lose yourself in its black sand beach and crystalline waters and the clean, tidy streets lined with gardens of roses and dahlias and perfectly maintained wooden houses. And don't miss a chance to lose yourself in the aromas of Calle Philippi, where you will find the restaurants, shops and tea rooms that sell the city's famous strudels and kuchen made with southern Chile's strawberries, raspberries and other delicious fruit.

Frutillar's reputation as the home of country's best pastry is part of the legacy of the German colonists who arrived here in the 19th century.

The Museo Colonial Alemán (German Colonial Museum) with its 19th century mill is the best place to learn about Frutillar's 150 years of history and relive the arrival of the German families that settled throughout the Llanquihue basin.

But the city offers more than just history and food, especially during the summer. Frutillar's famous Music Weeks feature live performances of classical and jazz music in the recently opened Teatro del Lago, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding scenery.


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Touristic Services

Tourism Agencies

Tours you can do


Lake Crossing
Alerce Andino National Park

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park
Puerto Varas - Ensenada - Petrohué

Puerto Varas - Frutillar - Puerto Octay
Puerto Montt - Hornopirén - Futaleufú


Getting There

en avion
By Plane
Daily flights from Santiago to Aeropuerto El Tepual in Puerto Montt (2 hours). From there, take a shared shuttle or taxi to Frutillar (40 km).
By Bus
Buses to Frutillar depart Santiago, Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Valdivia, Osorno and Bariloche (Argentina).
en auto
By Car
Take Route 5 South from Santiago (986 km).




Nature Preserve Cultural Events Camping
If you want to escape to nature without leaving the city, walk to the end of Calle Caupolicán until you reach Reserva Forestal Edmundo Winkler, a park and tree nursery that is home to a wide variety of native tree species. A trail dating back to colonial times runs through the grounds. A visit to Frutillar would not be complete without taking in a show, so plan on attending a concert, dance performance or play at the Teatro del Lago, which seats 1,200 and offers unparalleled views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes. The venue also has a comfortable café. For a list of upcoming events, see www.teatrodellago.cl. In addition to its comfortable cabins, beautiful hotels and German-style inns, Frutillar has an excellent campground at the southern edge of the city that is fully equipped with electricity, hot water, laundry facilities, campfire sites and a restaurant.


German Colonial Museum Summer at the Lake   
The Museo Colonial Alemán is a tribute to the German people who settled in this region. The collection includes farming equipment, furniture, clothing, carriages and household and personal items that belonged to the original colonists. There is also a period house with visiting rooms, a kitchen and bedrooms decorated in 19th century style. The museum is located in the downtown area of Frutillar and is open seven days a week, year-round. If your idea of fun is relaxing by the lake, visiting local parks or enjoying adventure and water sports, visit Frutillar between December and March. Don't forget to bring a pair of sturdy walking shoes and a jacket to protect you from the rain, which falls year-round.  



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