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Valdivia, the capital of the rivers

Valdivia, one of the oldest cities in the southern hemisphere, stands at the confluence of three large rivers. It was founded by the Spanish as a fort in 1552, invaded by Dutch corsairs and later colonized by German immigrants. It also endured the earthquake and tsunami of 1960, the most devastating ever recorded on the planet. Today, the city is yours to enjoy as you stroll around, taste local dishes and take in city life, especially at night.

It rains here year-round, but when the sun comes out, take a boat ride along the Calle Calle River or visit the riverside market, where you can find fresh seafood each morning and enjoy the playful antics of sea lions beside Prat Shoreline Avenue. If you are looking for good food, sample the local beer, wild boar, steak tartar and handmade chocolates.

If history interests you, Valdivia has several museums on Isla Teja. The former house of Carlos Anwanter beside the Calle Calle River is home to the Van de Maele History Museum, which has exhibits on the area's indigenous peoples and the colonization process.
The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) is a modern construction that stands on the ruins of the Anwanter Brewery. It will amaze you with its excellent programs and riverside setting. This is a beautiful place to watch the sun set.


Featured Destinations of Valdivia and Osorno

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Tours you can do

Southern Forts

Huilo Huilo
Lake Panguipulli - Lake Riñihue

Boating on the Calle Calle River
Puyehue National Park

Health Route
Río Bueno and Lake Ranco

Osorno Volcano


Getting there

en avion
By Plane
Flights from Santiago (1 h 25 min) arrive at Pichoy Airport, 32 km from the city.
By Bus
Buses to Valdivia depart daily from Santiago and cities in southern Chile. From Valdivia you can get connections to nearby localities.
en auto
By Car
Take Route 5 south (841 km from Santiago).




Valdivia Film Festival Valdiviana Week Museo Philippi
The Festival Internacional de Cine Valdivia is the southernmost film festival in the world, and is held in October each year. Enjoy the best independent short films, feature films and documentaries. Valdivia celebrates the anniversary of its founding each February with a parade of boats that float down the Calle Calle River to the accompaniment of fireworks. A must-see! The Museo Phillipi on Isla Teja is dedicated to the German explorer Rudolph Amandus Philippi and displays his watercolors, drawings, photos, studies and correspondence, as well as botanical samples, furniture and scientific objects from the 19th century.


Botanical Gardens
The Universidad Austral de Valdivia operates Chile's largest botanical garden, which covers 10 hectares and is home to nearly one thousand species of native and exotic trees, shrubs and plants. Spend an afternoon there, bring a picnic and learn about the local flora..



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