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Alerce Andino National Park

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Alerce Andino National Park: A Well-Kept Secret

Bordering the southern shore of Lake Chapo between the Reloncaví Sound and Estuary, you'll find Alerce Andino National Park. Half of its nearly 40,000 hectares are completely covered by dense forests featuring alerces (larches) and other varieties of typical local trees such as the coigüe and the mañío. In addition to these green giants, the park's impressive natural wonders include an enormous mountain massif, deep valleys and more than 50 lagoons, plus unmatched views of Lake Chapo and the Chaicas and Lenca River Valleys.

Keep an eye out for the park's residents, which include the elusive pudú (a small Chilean deer), pumas, grey foxes, viscachas and the adorable monitos del monte ("little mountain monkeys"), small marsupials native to southern Chile and Argentina. You may even be lucky enough to enjoy the unique spectacle of a condor flying through the blue skies of southern Chile.

There are a number of trails that can be enjoyed by anyone in reasonably good physical shape. If you decide to extend your stay, you can camp out or check into one of the park's three lodges.

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Tours you can do

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Getting There

By Bus
Local buses provide service to the park from Puerto Montt.
en auto
By Car
From Puerto Montt, take Route V-65, which connects Puerto Montt and Lake Chapo (46 km).
You can also reach the park from the Carretera Austral, which runs along the Reloncaví Sound before reaching Lenca, where you'll find a road to the park. Although beautiful, this route is only accessible to four-wheel drive vehicles.




Park Rangers    
It's always a good idea to know where to get help in the case of an emergency. The park's four ranger stations are located in Correntoso, Sargazo, the Lake Chapo area and the Chaicas River Valley.    



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