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Puerto Varas - Ensenada - Petrohué

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From Lake to Lake

Puerto Varas offers days and days of activities. You can walk along the shore and marveling at the view of the Osorno Volcano or explore the many local restaurants and sample the culinary delights of southern Chile. Once you've exhausted those options, you can visit the local gourmet and crafts shops, learn about the city's history in its museums, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Puerto Varas' surroundings contain a diverse array of natural wonders and it is located close to Ensenada, a village with a distinctly German feel.

Located 45 kilometers from Puerto Varas, Ensenada can be reached via a picturesque highway that runs along Lake Llanquihue. This small town is home to several inns, tour agencies, and a number of cafés that evoke the classic German style for which the area is renowned.

Just outside of town, you'll find the entrance to Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, a classic southern Chilean destination. It's the first park of its kind in Chile, and its charm lies in its forests (which are laden with myrtle, coigüe and cinnamon trees) and the trails that run along the emerald waters of Lake Todos Los Santos. As you hike, you might catch a glimpse of an elusive pudúe (a small Chilean deer) or a puma. But the park's main attraction is the impressive Petrohué Falls located 20 minutes from Ensenada. This raging, sparkling waterfall runs through a volcanic rock canyon and is best admired from a boat. Fans of adventure sports can take a day to go hiking in the canyon, rafting or kayaking.

You can get here from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina by crossing Lake Nahuel Huapi, Lake Frías and Lake Todos los Santos. After visiting Petrohué Falls, you can spend the night in a nice hotel in Puerto Varas.


Featured Destinations of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt

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Tours you can do


Lake Crossing
Alerce Andino National Park

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park
Puerto Varas - Ensenada - Petrohué

Puerto Varas - Frutillar - Puerto Octay
Puerto Montt - Hornopirén - Futaleufú


Getting There

en auto
By Car
To get to Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park and Petrohué Falls, take International Route 225 (Puerto Varas-Ensenada-Petrohué).



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