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Río Bueno and Lake Ranco

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Fishing and Water Sports on a Hidden Lake

While the south of Chile is positively filled with lakes, Lake Ranco is special. Its location (124 km from Valdivia and 90 km from Osorno, towards the mountains) has helped keep it something of a secret. This peaceful oasis is a true hidden paradise tucked between the majestic Andes and a tangled forest. Best of all, it is still largely unknown to tourists.

During your stay, you will have an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of water sports, especially those that involve wind, and visit the lookout at Cerro Piedra Mesa, which offers an impressive panoramic view of the lake and its 13 islands. The largest, Huapi Island, is inhabited by members of the Mapuche community.

Every February, indigenous communities from the region organize a cultural festival to showcase their customs, dances, ceremonies and cuisine. Events are held throughout the lake area, including the town of Ranco, where you can also view a number of 19th century homes built by German immigrants.

Follow the trails to the other side of the lake and discover Río Bueno, where you can relax on the beach and stay a few nights in a rustic fishing cabin. If you're interested in boating and fishing, head to the town of the same name. If you leave from Futrono on the northern shore of the lake and head towards the mountains, you will reach the smaller and mountain-ringed Lake Maihue where you can rent a boat to fish the Calcurrupe River.


Featured Destinations of Osorno and Valdivia

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Tours you can do

Southern Forts

Huilo Huilo
Lake Panguipulli - Lake Riñihue

Boating on the Calle Calle River
Puyehue National Park

Health Route
Río Bueno and Lake Ranco

Osorno Volcano


Getting there

busBy Bus

Buses to Río Bueno and Ranco run daily from Osorno and Valdivia.

autoBy Car

From Santiago, take Route 5 south to the Los Tambores crossroads. From there, head east towards Río Bueno.




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