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Lake Panguipulli - Lake Riñihue

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Lake Panguipulli and Lake Riñihue

These two hidden gems offer visitors a chance to enjoy kayaking, sport fishing (thanks to the abundance of salmon trout), all kinds of water sports, canopying, rafting, horseback riding and trekking. You can also unwind at the nearby hot springs, or visit the local Mapuche communities. And if you have time to spare, both lakes form part of the fascinating Ruta de los Siete Lagos ("Route of the Seven Lakes"), a circuit that will make you fall in love with southern Chile that much more deeply.

One must-see is the town of Panguipulli and its impressive church. Built in 1948, its Swiss-style framework was erected by Capuchin priests. You can shop for local items including cheeses, honey, wooden crafts and homemade marmalades in the shops near the town square. If you feel like going to the beach, head to Choshuenco and Chueque, where the sands are fine and the lake is a vibrant blue.

An hour and a half from Valdivia, Lake Riñihue offers great scenery that includes lush natural wonders like the Villarica and Lanín volcanoes. Once you've had a chance to thoroughly enjoy the quiet here, head to the town of Riñihue and its hotels, restaurants and camping area.


Featured Destinations od Valdivia and Osorno

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Tours you can do

Southern Forts

Huilo Huilo
Lake Panguipulli - Lake Riñihue

Boating on the Calle Calle River
Puyehue National Park

Health Route
Río Bueno and Lake Ranco

Osorno Volcano


Cómo llegar

By Bus
Buses to Valdivia depart Santiago daily. From there, you can catch another bus to Panguipulli, where you can connect to smaller towns or lakeside beaches.
en auto
By Car
From Santiago, take Route 5 south to Lanco (772 km) and then head southeast to Panguipulli.




Fishing Carirriñe International Pass Better in Summer
Sport fishing is one the area's biggest attractions. There is a wealth of lagoons and rivers and a healthy salmon trout population (including rainbow, fountain and brown varieties). The Carirriñe International Pass connects Panguipulli to Junín de Los Andes. The route reaches altitudes of 1,200 meters and is surrounded by aruacaria trees and a leafy native forest. Open year-round (depending on road conditions) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm. For customs information, visit www.aduana.cl. The best time to visit this area is summer (December through March) when you can take advantage of its lakes, beaches and outdoor sporting activities.


Insect Repellent
Horseflies can be found near the lakes, particularly during warm months like January. Don't forget to bring some bug spray.



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