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Osorno Volcano

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Osorno Volcano, King of the South

Known as the King of the South, the Osorno Volcano looms imposingly over the enormous Lake Llanquihue and the emerald green waters of Lake Todos Los Santos, not to mention large expanses of leafy forests, waterfalls and picturesque towns.

It towers into the sky and is capped by snow year-round. This is one of the region's most classic and impressive landmarks and is visible from Puerto Octay, Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Osorno and even Chiloé.

Its conical shape is sheer perfection thanks to the 40 craters scattered at its base, which erupted 11 times in the 18th and 19th centuries, most recently in 1869. While visiting Ancud, Chiloé in 1835, scientist Charles Darwin witnessed one such event.

If you like winter sports, check out ski center, which has two chairlifts, a fully-equipped lodge and a restaurant. You can also visit in the off-season and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Llanquihue. Take a few moments to drink a hot chocolate at the summit or simply sit back and take in the scenery. It's a true privilege.

Once you're here, you can tour the areas around Puerto Varas or trek to the volcano's peak (2,652 m). Puerto Montt-based companies organize guided tours for experienced climbers that depart at 5 a.m. and offer the chance to spend an entire day on the mountain.


Featured Destinations of Valdivia and Osorno

aOsorno bValdivia


Tours you can do

Southern Forst
Huilo Huilo
Lake Panguipulli - Lake Riñihue Boating on the Calle Calle River
Puyehue National Park Health Route
Río Bueno and Lake Ranco Osorno Volcano


Getting there

en auto
By Car
Travel from Santiago to Puerto Varas (1,008 km), and then to Ensenada (46 km). To reach the volcano, take the highway from Ensenada to Puerto Octay and follow the signs.




Climbing the Volcano
Independent climbers must request permission from CONAF. You must indicate your level of experience and the route you plan to take and provide a list of the equipment you will need to make the ascent.



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