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The Magic of the White Continent

The Chilean Antarctic is located 1250km south of Punta Arenas (990km from the southernmost tip of continental Chile), covering over one million km². Organized tours by sea -including Puerto Williams, Cape Horn and the Drake Passage- or by air from Punta Arenas, with the option of adding on a cruise to Antarctica's main points of interest, have made it possible to visit this far-flung destination. The flight over the Drake Passage takes under two hours, landing on the Frei Airbase on Rey Jorge Island (South Shetland Islands).

Villa Las Estrellas, the Chilean town on Antarctica, is located next to Frei Airbase. Your visit will certainly not go unnoticed because this Chilean settlement has a maximum of 150 inhabitants during the summer season. Even so, life goes on: kids go to school and there is a hospital, bank, supermarket, post offices, church, public library, public phone and even a radio station and TV.

At Bellingshausen, the Russian base close to the Chilean settlement, you can learn about the scientific work that is being carried out in Antarctica in fields like glaciology and topics like the polar auroras.

Looking to get away from humans? Marvel at this true ecological treasure, which is home to killer whales, Wedell seals, penguins (the Gentoo, Adelie, Antarctica, King and Emperor varieties), sea elephants, Antarctic fur seals and birds such as albatrosses, petrels and the Antarctic pigeon.

This scientific and ecological treasure is appreciated by scientists, explorers and travelers alike.


Featured Destinations of Southern Patagonia


bStrait of Magellan
c   Punta Arenas

d  Tierra del Fuego
e   Torres del Paine National Park

fPuerto Natales


Tours you can do

Hiking Torres del Paine

The Mylodon Cave
Dientes de Navarino

Magdalena Island
Marino Francisco Coloane Park

Puerto Edén
Última Esperanza - Mariano Glacier

Cruises to Puerto Williams and Cape Horn




Climate What to Bring Flexible Flights
The northern part of the Chilean Antarctic is relatively free of ice and its climate is similar to that of tundra. The average temperature during the cold month of July is -6.3°C. It rises to an average of 1.4 °C during January, the hottest month. We recommend that you bring along thermal socks and underwear, a fleece jacket, ski pants, thermal gloves, a hat and a swim suit (for the hot springs). Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses with a good UV filter. The sudden changes in temperatures can mean delays in flights to and from Punta Arenas. Make sure your flights home include the option to change your flight dates.


Be Dazzled by the Aurora Australis A Bit of History An Unforgettable Flight
Although it is impossible to predict precisely when it will happen, this light show is more common during the equinoxes. You may spot it between March and September. The Chilean Antarctic Institute has compiled a history of the first expeditions to reach this icy territory and organizes an Antarctic historical tour in Punta Arenas. For more information, seewww.inach.cl. Flying from Punta Arenas over the Strait of Magellan, the Darwin mountains and its glaciers, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn and the very last little islands before the continent's end will get you excited even before you step onto the white continent.



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