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The Mylodon Cave

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The Mylodon Cave: Touring the Den of the Beast

The Mylodon Cave is a must-see for tourists staying in Puerto Natales, which is just 24 km away. Take a snapshot of yourself in a fierce struggle with this mythical creature or perhaps giving him a bear hug. The paleontological appeal of this National Monument, whose history began with the discovery of its almost completely intact remains in 1896, is as much an attraction as the scenic beauty of Torres del Paine.

If you want your visit to have a more supernatural feel, explore the entrance to the cave where the Devil's Chair is found. Some say that the Mylodon would use this rocky seat as a throne while others whisper that it was made for Lucifer himself.

On a more earthly note, we recommend that you take the opportunity to explore the vegetation of this transitional area between the steppe and the forest. Here you can see unique local plants such as ñirre, calafate and romerillo. The National Forestry Corporation (Conaf) has provided special spots for picnics throughout the area.


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Tours you can do

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The Mylodon Cave
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Getting There

By Bus
From Puerto Natales, you can take a bus (which departs around 7:00 a.m.) to the Mylodon Cave and around Torres del Paine National Park.
en auto
By Car
From Puerto Natales, take Route 9 north for 16 km until you reach the exit. The 8-km gravel road will bring you to the cave lookout.




Adapted for differently-abled Cycling Film Festival
A trail that allows differently-abled visitors to tour the cave was built in 2009. If you're traveling with small children or infants, your little ones can meet this great herbivore from the comfort of their strollers. Cycling to the lair of this Pleistocene beast makes for a terrific excursion. It is just a short ride from Puerto Natales, and is appropriate for cyclists of all levels (the path is wide and the unpaved section is not particularly steep). The Patagonia Film Festival: Each February, Argentinean and Chilean filmmakers screen their films on the walls of the Mylodon's home. It is hard to imagine that there could be a cooler surface on which to project a movie. Admission is free.


Adventure's starting Point
The Mylodon Cave can be the starting point for a wonderful adventure. The Mylodon Heritage Route (part of Sendero de Chile) stretches 45 km from the famed cave to the recently inaugurated and relatively unknown southern entrance of Torres del Paine National Park.


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