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Dientes de Navarino

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Dientes de Navarino: The planet's southernmost trekking

Begin your adventure with a walk through a rainy forest, where you'll find a picnic area and a lagoon. After a short rest, climb the steep, pine-laden incline to the peak of Cerro Bandera. The stone landmark at the summit is the perfect vantage point from which to take in the view of the Beagle Canal and Puerto Williams. After about four or five hours of walking, you'll reach Laguna del Salto, the first camping area on the route.

The destination for the second day is Laguna Escondida, which you will reach after crossing Paso Australia and Paso Navarino. If the weather is good, you'll be able to see Cape Horn from the latter.

On day three, you'll take on the Ventarrón (hold onto your glasses and hat, as the gusts of wind are unpredictable) and Guerrico routes before camping in an area that is home to introduced beavers.

The fourth day brings the challenge of tackling the highest part of Navarino and the wind-hewn structure of Paso Virginia. After spending a night sheltered by the forest, you'll finish the excursion with a walk through prairies, high forests, peat and grasslands to the Beagle Canal and the gravel road that leads back to Puerto Williams.


Featured Destinations of Southern Patagonia


bStrait of Magellan
cPunta Arenas

dTierra del Fuego
eTorres del Paine National Park

fPuerto Natales


Tours you can do

Hiking Torres del Paine

The Mylodon Cave
Dientes de Navarino

Magdalena Island
Marino Francisco Coloane Park

Puerto Edén
Última Esperanza - Mariano Glacier

Cruises to Puerto Williams and Cape Horn


Getting There

en avion
By Plane
Flights to Puerto Williams leave daily from Punta Arenas aboard a Twin Otter DHC-6 aircraft. The flight takes a little over an hour. If it's not too cloudy, you can take in a terrific view of the Darwin Mountain Range in Tierra del Fuego.
By Boat
Round-trip boat service to Puerto Williams is available from Punta Arenas once a week. (It takes 34 hours.)




A Summertime Thing Be Mindful of the Wind Landmark
During the winter, the area is covered in snow and the temperatures drop significantly. In exposed areas such as Hito 34, which looks out over the Beagle Canal and Laguna Los Guanacos, the wind can put you at risk of falling from a cliff. Don't get too close to the edge. An online guide to the area is available at www.bienes. Chile's Ministry of National Assets has provided a marking system (Hitos 1 through 38) that serves as a guide for your expedition. Making the trek in the opposite direction is considerably more difficult, especially the two peaks, which are far more fun to descend.


Walking Sticks Check In
These tools can come in handy in the event that you lose your balance or fall. Always leave your information with the police in Puerto Williams (Calle Piloto Pardo, no address number), or at the trail administration area. It is also a good idea to travel with a companion.



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