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Puerto Edén

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The Secret of Paradise

Let yourself be enchanted by this small settlement in the heart of Bernardo O'Higgins National Park. An unforgettable boat trip through the Patagonian archipelago will bring you to this unique village on the east coast of Wellington Island. Known for its geographical isolation, its population of 250 includes the 15 remaining members of the Kawéskar people.

Stroll among the laneways that take the place of streets in this village. Although the settlement is small enough to take in with a single glance, Puerto Edén offers a lot of activities including fishing, mountain climbing, and kayaking.

The village is a great base for visiting the Brüggen Glacier (Pío XI Glacier), a river of ice that flows down from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. It is South America's largest glacier, covering 485 square miles (1,256 square kilometers). The glacier has one arm that ends at the sea, a larger one that reaches towards the north, and several smaller ones.

This is a great place to find traditional Kawéskar crafts such as wicker baskets and boats made from sea lion skins and tree bark. Though many local people now produce them, a few indigenous craftsmen still make these marvels by hand and even take special orders.

Puerto Edén is steeped in the austere simplicity of life on the sea and the warm hospitality of its people.


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Getting there

By Boat
You can only reach Puerto Edén is by sea. Boats depart Puerto Montt on Tuesdays and the journey involves two days of travel through the inland waterways. Boats also depart Puerto Natales on Fridays, and the trip takes one day.



Cholgas Make Friends with the Locals Ask the Experts
Cholgas are a kind of sea mussel that is the centerpiece of traditional cooking in Puerto Edén, including several dishes that have been handed down for generations by the Kawéskar people. Cholgas are sold smoked. Puerto Edén has no hotels or hostels, but local residents offer lodging, sometimes in exchange for voluntary payments or gifts. A Bernardo O'Higgins National Park ranger has been living in Puerto Edén since 1996 and is available to offer advice or guide you on trips in the region.


Local language tips Only basic services
The Kawéskar have several words for people who are not members of their group: kstapón (people of Chiloe), jemmá (white people) and palscêwe (foreigner). This is a rugged paradise, and only basic services are available. Satellite phones have recently been introduced, but the locals collect rainwater to drink and electricity is only available for a couple of hours each day.



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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
Teléfonos: (56+2) 731 8336

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