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Viña del Mar

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Viña del Mar: A Great Destination Any Time of Year

Though it was founded just over a century ago in 1874, Viña del Mar is a must-see for tourists visiting Chile. Located just north of Valparaíso, the "Garden City," as it is known, offers great beaches for swimming and practicing water sports, hotels to suit any budget, delicious local seafood, buildings the recall the city's heritage and the continent's best music festival.

Viña's urban infrastructure has been designed to meet the needs of the thousands of tourists who flock here each summer. If you feel like walking around, start at the Plaza Vergara on Av. Valparaíso, just 200 meters west of the bus terminal. This is the beginning of the downtown area, which runs from the intersection of Av. Valparaíso and Av. Libertad across the Marga Marga Canal.

If this is your first visit, be sure to visit the casino, one of Chile's most traditional gaming houses. It is located at the end of Av. Perú, the pedestrian mall that runs along the waterfront up to one of the city's most well known attractions: Acapulco Beach, which is surrounded by enormous apartment buildings. Nearby Muelle Vergara is known for the antique loading cranes that flank the pier. If waves and being part of the "in" crowd are what you fancy, visit Reñaca Beach a few kilometers north, where you will find a multitude of choices for eating and shopping.

Other local attractions include the Flower Clock in front of Caleta Abarca and the Quinta Vergara (Calle Errázuriz and Eduardo Grove), a mansion that was home to the city's founding family. The property has since been converted into a magnificent art museum and the open-air concert venue that hosts the city's annual music festival. Looking for more? Take in the Fonck Museum, Botanical Gardens or the Sports Club (try to go on Derby day if you happen to be there during the summer), or just let yourself be seduced by the endless waves of the Pacific Ocean.


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Beaches Empanadas in Concón Viña International Music Festival
Viña has a variety of beaches. The most popular are Acapulco and Caleta Abraca, which are convenient to downtown Viña. If you're looking for a younger crowd or a place to surf, try Reñaca. For more family-friendly fun in the sun, head to Playa Amarilla and Concón (just north of Reñaca). Concón is a fishing village located 17 km north of downtown Viña that is home to an extensive beach, impressive wetlands area and the best fish and seafood restaurants on the central coast. Don't miss the empanadas filled with cheese, shrimp, scallops, clams or crab. Absolutely delicious. Some of the continent's best performers –and some of their lesser known colleagues- come to this international festival each summer. Now in its fifth decade, the event offers hit performances and an opportunity to be part of a "monster" audience that applauds or "devours" the performers.


Sun Safety Summer Traffic
Don't be fooled by Viña's pleasant summer temperatures. Even if the thermometer reads just 20°C, the solar radiation can be very high and you can easily get a bad sunburn. Always use sunscreen, wear a hat and drink lots of liquids. The multitudes that visit Viña del Mar in January and February can clog the coastal road between Viña and Reñaca. Save yourself the boredom and walk.

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