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Metropolitan Park

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Parque Metropolitano: Chile's Largest Urban Green Space

Located in the heart of Santiago, Parque Metropolitano is Chile's largest urban park and one of the most beautiful and well-known green spaces in the city. The park has a total area of 722 hectares and covers San Cristóbal, Los Gemelos and Chacarillas Hills and the Tupahue, Lo Saldes, La Pirámide and Bosque Santiago neighborhoods.

Cerro San Cristóbal, which you will recognize almost immediately by the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary that stands at its summit, offers panoramic views of the city. You can reach the top on foot, by bike or by car, but the most interesting ways to get there are the funicular and cable car routes. The former departs Calle Pío Nono at the base of the hill, stopping at the National Zoo and the Bellavista Terrace (near the summit). The latter, which runs from the Av. Pedro de Valdivia Norte entrance to the top in just a few minutes, is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights.
If you take the funicular, consider stopping at the National Zoo on the southwestern side of the park. It is designed to teach visitors about native and exotic fauna and is home to many Chilean specimens as well as African lions, giraffes and monkeys.

There are also quieter destinations within the park, including its beautiful gardens. The Japanese Garden is full of cherry trees, lotus flowers and the Japanese genus. Other highlights include the Mapulemu Garden and the Leliantú Nursery, which can be accessed through the Pedro de Valdivia entrance. If you visit the park during the summer months, go for a swim in the Tupahue and Antilén Pools at the top of the hill and take a refreshing break from the heat of the capital.


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