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Maipo Valley

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Maipo Valley – A Wonderful Wine Valley

Maipo Valley is one of the central region's most iconic valleys and is home to some of the deepest wine-producing roots in Chile. It was here that the conquistadors founded Chile's first vineyards after experiencing – as you will – the wonders of its climate and agricultural richness. Located in the heart of the Metropolitan Region, this valley is enriched by the river of the same name, and its mountainsides outline a good part of the urban area of the capital.

Two factors make Maipo very special: its strategic location just a few kilometers from Santiago and Valparaiso and its topography, which allows for the production of a variety of grapes at different altitudes. Like many of central Chile's valleys, Maipo produces a considerable amount of wine, and that industry is one of its star attractions. During your visit, you can tour a number of wineries and sample some of the best wine Chile has to offer including its world-renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, whose prestige originated here. The Maipo Alto Wine Route and Concha y Toro winery offer guided tours with tastings.

Once you've tried some of the local juice, explore the area. Located 40 km southeast of Santiago, Isla de Maipo is known for its rural essence and the influence of local indigenous traditions. Calera de Tango, which is located south of Santiago, stands out thanks to its colonial-era buildings. Don't miss Hacienda de Los Jesuitas, which dates back more than a hundred years or Pucará de Chena, a simple, strategically-located Incan fortress which overlooks the valley and the only two fjords in the Maipo River. Once you've finished your tours, enjoy an empanada (a savory pie made with ground beef, onion, raisins and boiled egg) and some pipeño, a country-style white wine that is one of the valley's most wonderful secrets.


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Getting There

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Maipo Alto: Maipo Alto is located in Pirque. From downtown Santiago, take Av. Vicuña Mackenna southeast until it becomes Av. Concha y Toro (in the municipality of Puente Alto). Once you reach Plaza de Puente Alto, continue south down Av. Concha y Toro to the Concha y Toro Bridge, which crosses the Maipo River. Just a few meters past the bridge, you'll come across Plaza de Pirque. Buses depart the Bellavista de la Florida Metro Station (Line 5).

Isla de Maipo: Take Autopista del Sol via the toll exit at Talagante or Route 78 to the road to Melipilla.

Calera de Tango: Take Route 5 south to the Calera de Tango exit.




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