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Elevators and Viewpoints

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Exploring Valparaíso's Hills by Elevator

Built right into its distinctive hills, the elevators of Valparaíso are a common means of transportation for its residents. For you, they'll be an original way of getting to know the port while enjoying stunning vistas of its rolling landscape and the sea beyond it.

Valparaíso is home to 15 working elevators, all of them historical monuments, and there is talk of restoring the older, more deteriorated ones. You can begin your tour of the elevators from two points: above Avenida Argentina (which offers a selection of lesser known routes with clear views) or starting at Pedro Montt and moving towards the east (bordering the bay and the port area).

The first section is home to the Larraín, Lecheros, Barón and Polanco elevators, the last of which is unique in that it connects to the street through a tunnel and rises vertically, offering no view of the hills or ocean. However, you will be treated to stunning vistas from the panoramic tower at the end of the track.

Most elevators are located on Av. Pedro Montt and go high enough into the hills to offer fantastic views of the bay. The Mariposas, Monjitas and Florida elevators are all close to the Plaza Victoria, and the Espíritu Santo elevator will get you to the Museo de Cielo Abierto (Open air Museum). Reina Victoria, which is located at Subida Cumming, offers one of the most picturesque climbs, and Artillera reaches Paseo 21 de Mayo, where you can watch the sun set over the city of Valparaiso, the port and neighboring Viña del Mar.


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Elevators and Viewpoints



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