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Nature and Adventure Just a Short Drive from Santiago

Not far from Santiago, you can still find great tracts of land that have remained undeveloped. One of them is San Francisco de Los Andes, a private park covering 8,500 hectares just 100 km north of Santiago in the San Francisco Ravine amidst the foothills of the Andes.

The area that is now San Francisco de Los Andes Park was known to the Inca Empire and became a Jesuit center when the Spanish arrived. It remained the property of the religious group until its members were expelled in 1570. It was later sold to the British Crown and then passed into the hands of local families. In the early 19th century, the area witnessed the advance of the Liberating Army fighting for Chile's independence.

Nowadays you can find a full fishing lodge alongside a stream stocked with brown and rainbow trout (this is the fly fishing area in central Chile). Guests can go out for an adventure on horseback or take one of the high mountain horsemanship courses. The park also has hiking trails, sweeping mountain vistas, and lodging and dining services.

The complex's spa includes a sauna, Jacuzzi, color therapy, massage room, aromatherapy, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, and two mineral water pools with water of extraordinary quality. Mountains, fishing and relaxation, all just a few miles from Santiago.


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El Morado
World Heritage - Sewell

San Francisco de los Andes


Getting There

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By Car
Head from Santiago to Los Andes along Route 57 (78 km), and then continue north to San Esteban (7km) until you reach San Francisco de Los Andes.


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