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Shopping Center Santiago

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Shopping in Santiago

Santiago has several commercial districts that offer a variety of products in a wide array of styles. Numerous areas of the city have become shopping districts. For example, international luxury brands can be found on Calle Alonso de Córdova in the municipality of Vitacura, which is home to elegant local boutiques and designer stores. Bustling Providencia has a wide variety of places to pick up books, music, design and home decor, fashion and handicrafts. Another very busy area is Patronato, a district centered around Avenida Patronato in Recoleta that is known for its lower prices. You won't find major brands here, but it's become a popular spot for those seeking variety and bargains.

A very popular commercial area is Meiggs next to the Estación Central railway station. It is made up of the pedestrian streets Meiggs, Campbell, Garland and Salvador Sanfuentes, where you'll find all kinds of toys and small gifts. Trade there is particularly brisk during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The fascinating Bío Bío Arcade (Persa Bío Bío), which includes a busy street fair, is frequented mainly by locals. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, and is located between Franklin and Placer Streets in downtown Santiago.

Of course, there are also bargains to be had in Santiago's many modern shopping malls, which can be found all over the city. You'll find the city's first mall, Apumanque, in Las Condes at the corner of Av. Apoquindo and Av. Manquehue. Other popular choices are Parque Arauco on Av. Kennedy and Mall Alto Las Condes at the corner of Padre Hurtado and Av. Kennedy. Each offers a wide range of name brand stores, cinema complexes, food courts and a variety of entertainment in a more international format.

If you're shopping for handicrafts, don't miss the traditional Pueblo de los Domínicos in Las Condes or the shops in Patio Bellavista in Santiago's bohemian Bellavista district. The Bellas Artes and Lastarria neighborhoods in the downtown area have blossomed in recent years with the opening of stores from a number of independent designers and high-end handicrafts.


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Avenida Providencia 1550, Santiago Chile
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